The New Year Technology Strategies for 2021


Robotics has been the subject of much research in regards to the future of manufacturing and the society that depend on it. Asking the question of what is the robotics subject of the new year is a bit difficult because as technology develops so do the different categories of robotics. The traditional definition of robotics is a system made up of hardware and software that enables one to work on a task without manual help. In the past, the definition of robotics has been slightly more complex and today there are five main categories that define what robotics is today. These are AI, Computing, Computer Space, Human Activity, and Sensors.

Artificial Intelligence

AI stands for artificial intelligence, this means that robots are capable of performing given tasks that are programmed beforehand, which therefore allows them to take over previously defined roles. This was most recently seen in the movie “Terminator” which was filled with a cyborg sent from California to Nevada to protect young girls. AI is a very important category for new technologies because as humans get more technologically savvy they will need software to help them achieve certain tasks. As new technologies are developed that require more data the value of having a robotic system increases significantly. It will soon be possible to have robotic cars and planes to transport people and goods around town and city centers.

Computing is a subcategory of robotics and refers to the ability for robots and human beings to work together in shared environments. There have been many advances in this area such as the development of computer systems that can beat the human at chess. Robotic software programs are now able to process all of the data and information from an office or school environment quickly and effectively allowing robots to handle multiple tasks at once. The field of Computer Science currently has several branches such as Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Human-Computer Interaction. The first two fields are technically very new but the last one is well established and useful in everyday life. As technology progresses more components of these three disciplines will likely become available.


Robotic engineering is a term that is used to define and name a new type of technology. It encompasses a range of endeavors that include creating artificially intelligent machines to do work that people would otherwise have to do. For example, let’s say you wanted to have a robot that could drive your car. Now you might not have thought that was possible, however thanks to recent technological advances we are soon to find that is possible.

Medical technology

Medical technology is expanding at a rapid pace. Currently there are computers and sensors all over the hospital that enable doctors to monitor and track things as they occur. The future will bring even more connectedness between people and their health. For example, as the child grows up a series of sensors will be attached to the child that track everything from growth, to oxygen levels, and any other information needed to help the doctor properly treat them.

Video games and systems

Video games and systems are also advancing at a rapid pace. It is possible that you will someday be playing with augmented reality. This will mean that where ever you are in the game you will see other people playing it as if they were in the game. Systems like that already exist and allow gamers to virtually walk around the outside world as though they were in it.

Video surveillance systems are another area that is on the brink of great advance. Right now they are mostly analog, but in the next couple of years, they will be digital. What this means is that they will allow for you to be able to view what is going on in your home or business from anywhere at any time. The systems themselves will also be able to view things from a distance. These will allow for greater safety for both homeowners and businesses.


The New Year may not be a happy one for those who are looking forward to a bright future filled with new technology. However, as the year goes on there will be many new inventions and breakthroughs that we will be able to take advantage of. We can look forward to evening more technological advancements in the years to come. It will be exciting to see how far these innovations can take us. Stay tuned!


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